It has been said that GARRY KRINSKY resembles a living cartoon with his animated movement and non-stop energy. Garry was an original member of the Boston Buffoons, co-founder of the Patchwork Players, and a member of The Wright Bros., a New England vaudeville troupe. Since 1978, Garry has brought his high energy and experience to thousands of schools, theaters and festivals. He has also performed on live television, including the NBC Today Show. In 1995, Garry created his Toying with Science program and has since been touring it across the U.S. and Canada to rave reviews. Garry is a very physical entertainer. His performance of Toying with Science is a fast-paced, varied and dynamic program. Commissioned and developed with the Museum of Science in Boston, this performance explores among other things, the scientific principles of gravity, leverage, fulcrums and simple machines. Combining circus skills, mime, original music, and audience involvement, Garry and his audience investigate basic scientific information and delve into the imaginations of scientists who explore our world. During the program, Garry brings his science toys to life with motion, music, humor and insight. He turns audience members into stars as he playfully shares the stage, juggling, balancing and welcoming them into his colorful world. He performs original up-beat songs, that explore fulcrums, levers and basic mechanics. He balances multiple ladders on his chin, simultaneously, as he demonstrates how to find the center of gravity! It is incredible how much action, fun and learning takes place in so little time!!! As personable as he is professional, Garry consistently dissolves the boundary between the audience and himself, so that the performance sweeps through the entire theater. A performance by GARRY KRINSKY is truly a unique experience!!


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